{Powertex} – Christmas Wreath – Seeing More Stars (Pt9)

With the bow finished, coloured and protected, I turned my focus back to the  main wreath and adding the third layer of stars, this time in ivory.

PT_CR2016_0901I didn’t want to add too many as I didn’t want to cover too many of the stars which were already there. So I added about 15 in those obvious spaces between the existing stars. (By the way – that is the bow I have covered, so it wouldn’t get “splattered”.

PT_CR2016_0902The last layer I wanted to add was some “snow” and I opted to used medium 3D balls from Powertex. I mixed a handful of the balls with ivory Powertex.

PT_CR2016_0903I mixed about 2/3 Powertex to 1/3 balls as I wanted to “flick” the balls on to make it looks like it had snowed. Usually I closer to half and half when working on a 3D model or I just pat them straight onto a canvas if I am working on a 2D level.

Here is a HINT – if you are going to flick Powertex everywhere, cover all surfaces or even better go outside – you may be picking off drops for weeks!

PT_CR2016_0904I know from experience, I will need to leave this for a couple of days to make sure all the balls are dried into place before colouring as they can come off very easily before they are completely dry, I have had no problems once they are dry!

PT_CR2016_0905Thanks for Reading



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