{Powertex} – Christmas Wreath – The Final Wreath (Pt10)

As I said in my last post, I had to leave the wreath for a week to make sure the “Snow Flakes” had completely dried. This meant I had to walk past it a lot without tinkering with it at all… well not too often… ok not every time… so once I had knocked some of the loose balls off – I stopped. Anyhow, I wasn’t happy with it, the ivory was too stark against the blue and the grey. so I wanted to add in a hint of colour, so I went back to my base colour – powder pearl blue!

PT_CW_05_02I mixed some more of this up and dry brushed it over the whole of the wreath. It had the effect that I wanted, and started to bring all the layers of stars and the “snow” together.

PT_CR2016_1001The blue is much more subtle on the blue and grey than it is on the ivory but I love the effect on the whole of the wreath.

PT_CR2016_1002So my aim for this wreath was something that was a little more “grungy” rather than traditional and that played with a number off effects and to see if I could incorporate outdoor fairy lights into the design.

PT_CR2016_1003My main concerns were with this wreath were around the electronics:

  • Could I sufficiently cover the electronics and create waterproof seals so that I didn’t electrocute anyone who knocked on the door.
  • Could I also incorporate the wires and the sensor so it felt it was part of the design and didn’t look like I was ignoring the fact it was there!

I think have achieved both of these, the whole suite of Powertex products are geared up to waterproof designs and it was much easier than I feared. I like the finished wreath – I just need to think about a Halloween one for next year now! I have a set of red fairy lights I also ordered which I need to use up!

PT_CW_extra_05The lights are fully solared powered and turn off after a couple of hours making it perfect for me to leave on and forget.

Light-and-DarkThanks for Reading



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