Sunday Book Club – GBBO Celebrate Christmas

To celebrate the return of the Great British Bake Off, I thought I would review of their recent books, Great British Bake Off Celebrates Christmas.

BC_BO_Chr_01This covers every area of Christmas, from sweet and savoury ideas for gifts (Mary’s Gingerbread or flatbread for Cheese), Warming meals for the family (Pies, tarts and loaves) to baking dishes for the big day (Yule Log and Brioche Snowmen!)

BC_BO_Chr_02Each recipe has clear ingredients (with very few surprises) and very easy to follow instructions, which don’t need too much expertise. In addition, there are hints and tips about when best to make and eat your baking, as well as suggestions for substitutions.

BC_BO_Chr_03I have lots of Christmas cookbooks and this one is a great all round book, both for cooking at Christmas and baking throughout the year. I recommend it for both experienced bakers and for those wanting to learn more about baking.

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