Friday Feeling – The End of an Era

Happy Friday everyone. I couldn’t let this week go without discussing THE news story of the week. The once that shock us, got them talking in Rio and the one that has divided the nation (well as far as in on one side you have C4 and the Production Company and on the other – you have everyone else!) I am, of course talking about the move of Bake Off to Channel 4.

britishbake-off-675x400I have been a huge fan of the series since the first episode and although I don’t have the time to bake at the moment, I do still love the ideas (pancakes are on the menu this weekend!) and I have wide selection of the books. In fact I am prime watching audience, I don’t want talent shows but would clear my diary not to miss a show.

great_british_bake_offOver the last couple of years, my friends and I, run a Facebook thread to chat about the episode whilst it is showing, we discuss the “unusual” ingredient choices (often with the help of Wikipedia), chat about the mistakes in the making (just how hot does your oven have to be for Yorkshire Puddings?) and predict the star baker. And that is one of the things about bake-off – it invites discussion and analysis.

alaskagateWho can forget AlaskaGate? Did Diana do for Iain by removing his Alaska from the freezer? or CustardGate? When Deborah accidently used Howard’s custard… We have laughed at soggy bottoms and (certainly I) cheered when the lovely Dr James pulled off his haunted gingerbread barn in an early series (now that was performance under pressure).

And we were amazed when Paul (J) out-breaded Paul (H) with the make of all times – his Lion.

showstoppersI was one of the 13.5 Million who cheered when Naydia won last year but I was also one of the  2.7 who cheered when Ed won the first series. And now its moving…

So I how do I feel? Sad, the quiet general bawdy hour was a real break, I don’t want adverts, I don’t want product placing (although has anyone else noticed we have gone back to Kitchenaid this season..?) I manage change at work but I don’t want this to change.

In some ways I am glad that Mel and Sue are not going with the money, but that will change it a lot – anyone else will be just trying to be them. I wait to see what Mary and Paul decide.

And whilst I wish the team well – I am just a little sad and disappointed inside.

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One Response to Friday Feeling – The End of an Era

  1. Kyla says:

    That’s the problem with a non BBC funded idea and production. Shame as I think the constant adverts will spoil the flow.


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