Here’s One I Made – Bridget the Elephant

On Sunday, I shared my review of Kerry Lord’s Edward’s Menagerie crochet book and I said I would also share my first attempt at one of her animals. I treated myself to Bridget the Elephant. It took me a couple of weeks (the guide says 0-5 hours! yeah right :-)) but her she is!

2016_toft_elephant_01You can see where I started, the bottom of the body is err, slightly odd as I didn’t know really get how to do double crochet at first and one of the legs is bit odd…

2016_toft_elephant_02You can see that by the time I got the ears I was a little more confident in what I was doing. The whole elephant only uses double crochet, increasing and decreasing and I am really pleased with the outcome.

2016_toft_elephant_03You can buy the kit in two types, firstly with just the wool and a pdf pattern for £18.00 or you can add an A5 pattern chart, the stuffing, a needle and a 3mm crochet hook for just another £7.00 bring the total to £25.00.

Will I be doing another one? Oh yes I can’t wait, I am “hooked”.

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3 Responses to Here’s One I Made – Bridget the Elephant

  1. Angela Cashmore says:

    That looks fabulous Emma, I’ve recently come over to the dark side of crochet & like you, I’m now completely hooked!


  2. Kyla says:

    Oh wow crocheting too! Another craft to add to the list and this looks like you have this licked too! Such a cute elephant.


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