Here’s One I Baked – Happy Christmas 2016

Hello, Happy Belated Christmas and I thought it was time I started to catch up with some of my crafting projects from the last month or so. I have been everywhere but Bristol with work since October and that hasn’t left much time to make or bake. But I did do our annual BMB Christmas Cake.

christmascake04Our annual recipe started out as Delia’s but has morphed over the years (less cherries and candied peel… more, a lot more brandy!) There is also a thick layer of marzipan and icing. I use a tip from Mary Berry and ice the cake upside down to give a flat surface.

christmascake01This is the first year that I have used stencils to decorate a cake and I am amazed at how easy it is. I made some very think royal icing, coloured blue and then used a small pallet knife to spread it through the stencil.

christmascake02You only need a tiny amount of icing, and I found it easier to add icing sugar to a very small amount of water – not the other way around. It dries very quickly and is ready to eat in minutes.

p1030833Instead of having a solid colour on the side of the cake, I added the colouring to create a marbled effect in the icing, its quick to do and I like the effect against the white “snow” top pouring down the sides. Mr BMB liked the look of the cake and the taste (I don’t eat it) – so all is well in the BMB household.

I have other projects to share this week!

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One Response to Here’s One I Baked – Happy Christmas 2016

  1. Kyla says:

    Ooh I haven’t stencilled a cake either-yours looks fabulous. Hope you both had a fabulous festive period and that 2017 isn’t as crazy for you!!
    Kyla x


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