Sunday Book Club – Delia’s Happy Christmas

Happy New Year! I have just been looking at the number of books that I have ear-marked for review since last year and I have added “write more book reviews” to my crafting resolutions.

I have said a couple of times on this blog that I love Delia’s Christmas Cake recipe but my Christmas relationship with Delia goes back further than that. I can remember my mum being given a copy of Delia’s original Christmas book which I inherited and lives lovingly next to her Diary Cook Books as a record of my childhood.


But tastes change, out with (for us) Bread Sauce, Onion Sauce, in with Cranberries and Red Currents. Vegetables are steamed, sautéed and braised – not just boiled and roasted. Delia has done it again and has produced a cook book which reflects the tables of 2016… I wouldn’t to explain to my mum that we were having salt crusted mini baked potatoes with hollandaise (page 199) instead of boiled potatoes – but they were lovely and worth the effort!

BC_Delia_01As the blurb says, Delia is packing in over 40 years worth of experience into this book, so you know you can trust her timings for turkey and her recipe for Turkey Soup. But Delia has never been afraid of new twists, such as vanilla and raisins soaked in Pedro Ximenz Sherry ice cream (page 245).

BC_Delia_02The book is split into logical chapters cover types of food and the all important time scale for producing the perfect meal (Page 255 – Chapter called “The Last 36 Hours”). This means its easy to find what you are looking for.

BC_Delia_04The cook book itself feels modern and luxurious, with lots of subtle colours, plenty of white space to give a calm, in control feel (just what you need with an hour to go on Christmas Day).

This is a beautiful cook book and in my opinion destined, like its predecessor to become a modern classic.

Thanks for Reading



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