Here’s One I Made – Crochet Hats are Watching You

I have already shared this week that I one of my highlights of 2016 was finally learning to crochet. My mum and my nan  and my aunt all had a hand in teaching me to knit almost before I could walk and I opted for Cross Stitch because it was one of the few needlework based crafts that my mum didn’t do (tapestry, embroidery, clothes making…) but the one thing no-one in our family did was crochet.

I have said regularly that I wanted to learn but never took the step until seriously having a go this year. One of the things I love is how adaptable it is. I made a couples of hats more or less based on my own pattern as the second (and third items I made).

hats1216_04This was  a good exercise for me as I not only had to “crochet in the round” but to learn to crochet in lines and crochet into half a stitch to give me a rib effect. It may only be basic stuff but its one stitch at a time 🙂

hats1216_03The wool I have used is acrylic but very soft and it was very easy to crochet. I used an aran weighted wool and a size 8mm hook.

hats1216_02I also made a slightly smaller version in double crochet and a size 5mm hook for my niece. This is a reflector wool and shines in the dark. This was also a good exercise as it was a very different wool and didn’t have as much “give” as the softer wool.

hats1216_01The ears of not stuffed and are floppy but I have stuffed the eyes to make them stand out from the hat (it also makes it easier to judge if the hat is on straight when I can’t see the eyes!)

I think I may be making more of these!

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One Response to Here’s One I Made – Crochet Hats are Watching You

  1. Julie says:

    Reflector wool sounds amazing, what a fab idea. And your hats are brilliant too. I love crochet, it’s so quick and once you have the basics you can do pretty much anything.


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