{Powertex} – When Powertex Met Inkylicious – Lets Get Rusty

So thanks for a bump to the head, I have been on enforced rest for a week and have had no excuse but to get on with some of my outstanding craft projects. At the beginning of last week I had 14 outstanding projects (only one of them had been started) and now I had 9 left of which all but three have been started. Most of these were cards and are “Time sensitive” so I had to crack on at some point… But…

But before I got on with the cards, I decided to try to keep one of my crafting resolutions which has just to play. A couple of weeks ago on Hochanda, Inkylicious were on with a fantastic (and very reasonably priced) Stamp Book…. I have been looking for a project to improve how I store my stamps and my first though was that would look great with Powertex.

0213-pt_stamp_book_03A couple of days later, Powertex were on Hochanda themselves and they had a fantastic value Rusty Powder kit, which I have been really keen to use… fate me thinks!

0213-pt_stamp_book_05Because I wanted to use the rusty powder, I went for an “Urban Decay” or Steam Punk feel by adding lots of MDF cogs (fixed with Cosmic Shimmer glue and left to dry overnight.

There is a very informative pdf on the Powertex UK website on how to make the most out of Rusty powder, but make sure you have to hand:

  1. A light coloured Powertex (I used Ivory)
  2. Powertex Sand
  3. A small spritz bottle with 50:50 Water and distilled vinegar
  4. Lots and lots of patience, it take up to 48hrs to develop!

0213-pt_stamp_book_07Following the instructions that I received with the rusty powder, after my first coat of Powertex, I added some vinegar some a second coat and sprinkled on some rusty powder and sand. After this your generously spray on your water:vinegar mix and then (this is really really important) WALK AWAY FOR AT LEAST 24 hrs.

I followed a tip from Tracey from the PowertexUK Team and stabbed a couple of holes in my Rusty Powder container so I can sprinkle the powder and sand onto the powertex.

0213-pt_stamp_book_08As I couldn’t wait, as it began to develop, I crept back and added some brown bister just to tone down the difference between the rust and the white.

0213-pt_stamp_book_01After a couple of days, I was amazed at the effect, it looks so realistic, Its had to capture the details but wow – you have to try this product.

0213-pt_stamp_book_02I love the combination of the cracks from the bister and the rusty powder, it was just the effect I wanted to achieve.

To further tone down the remaining white, I used the Moss Green pigment from Powertex to add a hint of “patina” to the edges.

0213-pt_stamp_book_10The only other thing I am thinking about adding to this is a hint of copper pigment to give some of the cogs and the letters a hint of a shine.

I am going to use some other mixed media techniques on the other sides of the book which I will share as I finish them.

0213-pt_stamp_book_09Thanks for Reading



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