{Powertex} – Atishoo Atishoo (Part One)

I have a couple of Powertex projects on the go and one of these is a tissue box for work. As it is the middle of the cold season, most of the desks around me have boxes of tissues on them and I decided I needed to cover mine. The MDF Man does some very nice pre-made boxes and I have had one sitting upstairs for a while…

pt_tb_01_04I haven’t got a clue what I am going to do with the box, but I know that I want to do use some of the Powertex Colortricx Terraviolet pigments on the finished item.

This is one of two “Terra” pigments (Green and Violet) which when added to a project gives an iridescent shimmer. I have had a tub of it for while but not had the time to play with it and this project seemed the perfect place to start as its such a smooth surface.

pt_tb_01_03As I hadn’t use the pigment before, I had a chat with the Powertex UK Team and asked for advice on what colour powertex to use as a base. They suggested one of the darker colours so I opted for their darkest shade of black.

pt_tb_01_01It took me a while to paint the item as I wanted to “catch the drops” as I want to keep some of the sides a plain glossy black so that the pigment/textured areas will stand out… (still have no real idea of how I am going to decorate pigmented area).

pt_tb_01_02Once the outside was dried, I covered the inside too, again slowly to catch the drips, As you can see from this picture I did need to file down the base where some of the powertex has dribbled…

pt_tb_01_05Once I have decided what to do with it, I will share it!

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One Response to {Powertex} – Atishoo Atishoo (Part One)

  1. Powertex sell this amazing product called ‘paperdeco’ that gives off amazing texture without being over-the-top. You could Powertex that on and us the pigment to hightlight the textures and give the pieces a lovey depth 🙂


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