Stash, Stock and Supplies – Tonic Table Tidy

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know I love my craft storage and I have two requirements:

  1. It needs to be flexible and maximises space.
  2. It needs to be cat proof… as my cats like to investigate anything that comes into their “home”

ttt_08So this is what my craft area looks like usually, a lot of stamping and mixed media stuff for the cats to knock off the table and lots of ink pads. This is the stuff I used most, and therefore I want to have to hand.

ttt_02The Table Tidy is a modular system which attached to the side of the table which you can separate pockets to.Currently it comes in three pocket, the main unit and then additional single or double pockets.

To be cat proof, it needed to be able to take the weight of a 4kg cat taking a short cut and these beauties means that once it is screwed onto the table it is not going anywhere.

ttt_07The metal framework gives the canvas pockets a degree of rigidity which means you can use them on their own or as park of the wider unit. There is no bend and the weight remains distributed as I added more units.

ttt_04One little touch I like is the check fronts are not just there for decoration. They are a mini pocket and perfect for a pen or a pair of scissors.

ttt_06So how much does it hold? A lot, a surprising amount. It is deeper than it looks and you can pack a lot in.

ttt_03It even takes the weight of my Crop-o-dile and the stick and spray is well supported. AND it copes with a cat launching themselves from it. So what impact has it had on my workspace?

ttt_01Much neater but filled with powertex stuff as that is what I am currently working on!

I like this unit, it extends my work desk without being intrusive and it means that everything is still to hand… and it frequently copes with the BMB Cats taking a short cut to their favourite seats.

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