Here’s One I’m Making – Mini Canvases to Give Away

Last year, a friend from work and a fellow mixed media fan, introduced me to the concept of Art Abandonment. The concept is quite simple. You make it and then you give it away, which I think is a very Bristolian. I had intended to spend May and June making some mini (3 inch) canvases to give away at this year’s Upfest Festival in July. However as a Cabinet Office Civil Servant, I am now going to spend May and a chunk of June preparing for and recovering from the General Election.

As I had a day off today, I decided to get out some Pebeo paints I treated myself to earlier in the year and make a start on some canvases.

I have a number of friends who love these paints and I have been moving the box every time I have tidied the craft room since January, so it was time to get them out and play. I started by drawing an edge with the relief paint and letting it dry.

I decided to go with a design where I could colour each segment separately. I know these paints can be mixed but I am learning. I have a mixture of the fantasy moon  and prisme as well as the glass-like Vitrail.

As you can see I over filled some of the sections, this is where I used a pipette and not a cocktail stick to drip the paint in. I decided to also add some gilding flakes because I have liked the effect when I been watching demonstrations.

I love the effect of the moon craters beginning to emerge in the paint. I think I need to invest in more colours and become a little braver in mixing the colours.

So lessons learnt, don’t over fill and be brave! But this the first of my “Art abandonments” complete and I have a couple more which I need to start. One of the rules of Art Abandonment, is that your work is always good enough! And I need to embrace my mistakes.

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One Response to Here’s One I’m Making – Mini Canvases to Give Away

  1. Kyla says:

    Yep embrace your mistakes hun. Think i have probably abandoned about 100 or so over the past couple of years (never heard from a finder though but you abandon in the knowledge that it’s just the act of abandoning for the hell of it) . It’s a great feeling letting go of art. Glad i am not n your shoes over the next 7 weeks!!!!


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