{Powertex} – Having Fun with Prima and Pencil Pots

I realised today, I hadn’t shared a project from a couple of weeks ago. A friend from work came round to play with Powertex and I used the opportunity to answer a question I have long wanted to answer – Could I powertex Prima Flowers easily?

I love these pencil pots, I got them from MDF Man at a Craft Show last year for a couple of pounds each. They are a perfect size for playing and experimenting with.

The main point of this experiment was could I use Prima Flowers with powertex. I have a lot of flowers which I don’t use on Scrapbook pages anymore and its a shame to see them gathering dust. Well the answer is – yes if you are gentle.

I used a single piece of cotton t-shirt material and wrapped it around the whole of the pencil pot. I was about 1 and half times as high and the same length as about 5 sides. The Fairy Door is from Powertex UK and the flowers are from Prima.

I used a mixture of brown, green and warn gold pigments, I love the details on the fairy doors and I do use a lot of them in projects.

The flowers add just the right effect I was looking for with this project and the large Prima flowers were just the right size.

I played with the flowers and put some of them the right way up and some of them the wrong way up, I prefer the right way up so will do that again!

The one at the top is not a Frankenstein Flower, it is actually two back to back, with the second one on the rim. I added hot-fix crystals once the project had dried. I think they are a little small so will try again next time with bigger crystals.

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