Here’s One I’m Making – Look at the Flowers (Pt 1)

In addition to the Mini Canvases I am making, I decided to play with other mixed media canvases for home. I have recently discovered the texture pastes from Pebeo on Amazon, which are both a dream to use and cheap! I had been looking for my usual Ranger pastes and this worked out at a fraction of the price.

I am using it with one of the Sheena Douglass’s “Create a Flower” stencils, It’s an 8×8 stencil and as it happens I am using an 8×8 Canvas.

This stencil really appealed to me when they were released, I liked the mathematical grid paper coupled with the organic fluid flowers. And As the stencil has broken lines, you don’t have to be too accurate when using it.

(I am always amazed that when I taken pictures of “white paste on white canvas” it looks debossed). I attached the stencil with a little spray and stick and was liberal with the paste. The stencil stayed put and I love the level of definition you get.

The paste takes about an hour to dry completely but if you were using sprays you could probably start to colour within 15 minutes. I am, however, leaving this to dry overnight.

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