Here’s One I’m Making – Still Giving Canvases Away

Looking back to the beginning of the year, I talked about my “Crafting Goals” for 2017. Just to recap, these were:

  1. Only buy stash I would use 3 or more times
  2. Create just because I can
  3. Learn something new

I realised today that by making these mini canvases, I am actually achieving these three goals, I am making great use of stash, I am creating them, just because I can do and my confidence in mixed media techniques is just growing!

I have loved making canvases for a number of years and my first attempts at shabby chic and using chipboard were both based on canvases. I am now using them over 10 years later to build up my confidence with different mediums.

At the moment with Pebeo pigments, I am concentrating on the basics, ie filling squares and drawing lines. I have learnt this weekend with the lines I need to (1) keep a steady pace and (2) keep the nozzle clean as both of these limit the amount of “drag”.

I am also playing with colours and I have even started to introduce more than one medium, in this case I have added gilding wax to the background of the canvas before I added the pigments.

I like this effect and I am already using it again. It was also a great opportunity to practice curved lines and not just straight.

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2 Responses to Here’s One I’m Making – Still Giving Canvases Away

  1. wendy0322 says:

    I need to apply crafting goal #1!šŸ˜‚


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