Here’s One I’m Making – Look at the Flowers (Pt 2)

In addition to playing with mini canvases over the bank holiday weekend, I am carrying on with my slightly larger project. This next step was about adding colour and texture to the background. Leonie Pujol talks about the confidence when adding layers being the secret to mixed media and I am beginning to see what she means.

I started by adding a mixture of metallic copper paint and mint green to give the canvas an aged “patina” look, I daubbed the paint on with a sponge and then dried-brushed to partly mix the paint. The real thing is much more metallic than it looks here.

To further add to the patina / aged bronze look, I wanted to add some gilding flakes with mixed media glue through the original stencil. However I then decided to spread it around a bit so it picked up some of the stencil detailed and some of the base.

I have tried a couple of types of gilding glue and I think the Honey Doo Crafts is my favourite one, mainly because I like the nozzle on the bottle. It’s easy to use and easy to keep clean. Once that had dried, I added a drizzle of orange and green Moon Paints from Pebeo and left to dry.

To finish the base, I added black die-cuts from Tim Holtz wildflowers collection. I fixed them in place with matt Modge Podge and once they are dry I will add some gilding wax to tone the black down.

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One Response to Here’s One I’m Making – Look at the Flowers (Pt 2)

  1. Una says:

    That is a beautiful shot with very good lighting -)


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