{Powertex} – Shining a Little Light (Pt 1)

I have had a plaster figurine head and base in my Powertex box since shortly after I discovered the medium and every so often I get them out, look at them, come up with some excuse and put them back. I had said I would enter a figurine into our local Flower Show this summer (but I really didn’t think I would get there).

All I can say, looking at my work desk at the moment, I really really wish I had tried one months and months ago! And to be honest I did start this project a couple of months ago!

I took this picture back at the beginning of March, I decided to prepare a couple of MDF and Powertex bases with the grand plan that if I started the projects, I may be inclined to finish them. As you can see that includes a head!

I didn’t get any further than that until this weekend! When I decided the least I could do was attach the head to the base.

I used masking tape and then covered it with bronze powertex (which is still my favourite colour!) It wasn’t until it had dried, that I realised that it was not on exactly straight, but straight enough.

I decided to also cut the arms. Months ago, I asked the Powertex UK team about what width of wire I should use for modelling, they suggested (and I went with) 3mm covered garden wire. I have some mini bolt cutters which cuts it beautifully.

I have no sculpting training at all but I did study biology at to A-Level and it formed part of my under-graduate degree. So I do know a little about ratios, especially arms to height and hand to face and how important this is in getting proportions correct.

I measured from the top of the head to the base of the stick to give me the lengths of the arms and then added twice the length of the face to give me a fold over to shape into hands. I am not confident at this time to shape a hand from clay.

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