Here’s One I’m Making – Look at the Flowers (Pt 3)

As I have the Bronze Powertex out I decided to add some of the flowers to my current Canvas project. I want to add flowers into two of the corners, but before that I added a plaster-cast Sun from Powertex.

I love using the plaster casts shapes with powertex, they are easy to cover and the medium does not “well up” in the shapes so it keeps the definition.

I then started to add the flowers, I started with t-shirt material, which I find easy to model with and cut with a sizzix but it can get a bit “floppy” as it gets heavy when wet and has a life of its own when its drying.

As I wanted to add more definition with the other flowers, I decided to swap to denim, which I find keeps it shape better. However I didn’t have any cut out so I would have to leave them for another day.

As much as I love thinlet dies and I have used them on this project, I do love the range of materials and mediums you can cut with the Sizzix Bigz dies, especially natural fibres ahead of a powertex project… if only I was a little more organised!

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