{Powertex} – Shining a Little Light (Pt 2)

Regular readers of this blog with know that I love Pinterest and a while ago I started a board to pin all my hints and tips on Modelling Techniques for Powertex. Having reached the stage where I had to build the body of my figurine. From this board, I knew the three key ingredients were (1) Kitchen Foil, (2) Masking Tape and (3) the inner tube from kitchen roll!

Apart from that, it was guess-work, I started by building up the arms and then worked on the upper torso. it was simply a case of add a piece of rolled silver foil, look at the overall measurements and then add a bit more. When I thought I had the right balance, I secured it with masking tape.

The cardboard tube forms the base of the flaring of the skirt underneath her hip and bum. I then sealed the base of the model with a small layer of foil painted with Powertex to ensure that it would remain water-proof and well sealed.

I changed the arms a little from this picture, as I wanted to have the arms in an open position as she will be carrying a Tealight Holder when finished.

By giving her something to hold, I can “hide” the hands and gloss over the lack of details in the fingers.

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