{Powertex} – Shining a Little Light (Pt 3)

The other day, I talked about the when I use t-shirt material and when I like to use denim. One other fabric I like to use a lot for detailed work and 3D shapes is Muslin (which you can pick up cheaply from places like amazon as they are popular with new mums!)

Because they are so pourous, they can drink a lot of powertex so instead of dropping the material in, I tend to “paint” it onto small strips of muslin.

I started by covering the hands and fore-arms and then started to work on the torso. I am going to use pure satin cotton for the skirt (you can see the printed old scarf in the background to this picture). This type of cotton “drapes” very well.

I am covering the upper arms and shoulders in a shawl so I didn’t need to cover those, however I did have to hang her upside down to make sure I had all the area of underarms covered!

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