{Powertex} – Shining a Little Light (Pt 4)

Having add the detail to work to my figurine, I came to the part of the work I had never attempted before and that was powertexing a single large piece of material. I tend to work in small pieces as I find it easier to control, I couldn’t do that with my figurine’s skirt and I had to work on a single large piece.

I have used polycotton as I tried a couple of different materials and this one “drapped” the best. I used a rhomboid shape of material to give me the extra material to work with and I can’t wait to play with different materials to see how they flow.

I also added the cowl, this was the perfect way to covered the arms and back. I didn’t plan for a rose on the bum but that is the ends of material which ruined the “line” if I poked them in.

The cowl also had the added advantage of giving the figurine sleeves. I want to find other ways of covering arms and tops but I think I will do this again.

The third advantage of the cowl was it gave the back some shape around the plaster cast hair which I found it a challenge to model around.

She is now drying whilst I prepare to add some final touches before adding the pigments.

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