{Powertex} – Shining a Little Light (Pt 5)

Having cracked on with the figurine itself, I only realised after I had finished that I hadn’t done what I had planned with the base and that was to add texture with some Powertex Stone Art Powder.

I love this stuff, it really takes the Powertex Medium up to the next level, if you mix it 50-50 with Powertex Medium you can get an air-dry paper clay or you can rub it into a wet powertex surface to give it texture!

After about 20 minutes a painted an addition coat of powertex on top of the powertex. It dries very quickly and the powertex holds the stone art into place. The figurine did not a little ungraceful hanging upside down whilst she dried!

Once dried, I can paint or add pigment just as I would for any powertex products. I really like the rough, stone-like effect you end up with when you are using it.

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