Here’s One I’m Making – Look at the Flowers (Pt 3)

As I have the Bronze Powertex out I decided to add some of the flowers to my current Canvas project. I want to add flowers into two of the corners, but before that I added a plaster-cast Sun from Powertex.

I love using the plaster casts shapes with powertex, they are easy to cover and the medium does not “well up” in the shapes so it keeps the definition.

I then started to add the flowers, I started with t-shirt material, which I find easy to model with and cut with a sizzix but it can get a bit “floppy” as it gets heavy when wet and has a life of its own when its drying.

As I wanted to add more definition with the other flowers, I decided to swap to denim, which I find keeps it shape better. However I didn’t have any cut out so I would have to leave them for another day.

As much as I love thinlet dies and I have used them on this project, I do love the range of materials and mediums you can cut with the Sizzix Bigz dies, especially natural fibres ahead of a powertex project… if only I was a little more organised!

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{Powertex} – Shining a Little Light (Pt 1)

I have had a plaster figurine head and base in my Powertex box since shortly after I discovered the medium and every so often I get them out, look at them, come up with some excuse and put them back. I had said I would enter a figurine into our local Flower Show this summer (but I really didn’t think I would get there).

All I can say, looking at my work desk at the moment, I really really wish I had tried one months and months ago! And to be honest I did start this project a couple of months ago!

I took this picture back at the beginning of March, I decided to prepare a couple of MDF and Powertex bases with the grand plan that if I started the projects, I may be inclined to finish them. As you can see that includes a head!

I didn’t get any further than that until this weekend! When I decided the least I could do was attach the head to the base.

I used masking tape and then covered it with bronze powertex (which is still my favourite colour!) It wasn’t until it had dried, that I realised that it was not on exactly straight, but straight enough.

I decided to also cut the arms. Months ago, I asked the Powertex UK team about what width of wire I should use for modelling, they suggested (and I went with) 3mm covered garden wire. I have some mini bolt cutters which cuts it beautifully.

I have no sculpting training at all but I did study biology at to A-Level and it formed part of my under-graduate degree. So I do know a little about ratios, especially arms to height and hand to face and how important this is in getting proportions correct.

I measured from the top of the head to the base of the stick to give me the lengths of the arms and then added twice the length of the face to give me a fold over to shape into hands. I am not confident at this time to shape a hand from clay.

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Here’s One I’m Making – Look at the Flowers (Pt 2)

In addition to playing with mini canvases over the bank holiday weekend, I am carrying on with my slightly larger project. This next step was about adding colour and texture to the background. Leonie Pujol talks about the confidence when adding layers being the secret to mixed media and I am beginning to see what she means.

I started by adding a mixture of metallic copper paint and mint green to give the canvas an aged “patina” look, I daubbed the paint on with a sponge and then dried-brushed to partly mix the paint. The real thing is much more metallic than it looks here.

To further add to the patina / aged bronze look, I wanted to add some gilding flakes with mixed media glue through the original stencil. However I then decided to spread it around a bit so it picked up some of the stencil detailed and some of the base.

I have tried a couple of types of gilding glue and I think the Honey Doo Crafts is my favourite one, mainly because I like the nozzle on the bottle. It’s easy to use and easy to keep clean. Once that had dried, I added a drizzle of orange and green Moon Paints from Pebeo and left to dry.

To finish the base, I added black die-cuts from Tim Holtz wildflowers collection. I fixed them in place with matt Modge Podge and once they are dry I will add some gilding wax to tone the black down.

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Here’s One I’m Making – Still Giving Canvases Away

Looking back to the beginning of the year, I talked about my “Crafting Goals” for 2017. Just to recap, these were:

  1. Only buy stash I would use 3 or more times
  2. Create just because I can
  3. Learn something new

I realised today that by making these mini canvases, I am actually achieving these three goals, I am making great use of stash, I am creating them, just because I can do and my confidence in mixed media techniques is just growing!

I have loved making canvases for a number of years and my first attempts at shabby chic and using chipboard were both based on canvases. I am now using them over 10 years later to build up my confidence with different mediums.

At the moment with Pebeo pigments, I am concentrating on the basics, ie filling squares and drawing lines. I have learnt this weekend with the lines I need to (1) keep a steady pace and (2) keep the nozzle clean as both of these limit the amount of “drag”.

I am also playing with colours and I have even started to introduce more than one medium, in this case I have added gilding wax to the background of the canvas before I added the pigments.

I like this effect and I am already using it again. It was also a great opportunity to practice curved lines and not just straight.

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Here’s One I’m Making – Look at the Flowers (Pt 1)

In addition to the Mini Canvases I am making, I decided to play with other mixed media canvases for home. I have recently discovered the texture pastes from Pebeo on Amazon, which are both a dream to use and cheap! I had been looking for my usual Ranger pastes and this worked out at a fraction of the price.

I am using it with one of the Sheena Douglass’s “Create a Flower” stencils, It’s an 8×8 stencil and as it happens I am using an 8×8 Canvas.

This stencil really appealed to me when they were released, I liked the mathematical grid paper coupled with the organic fluid flowers. And As the stencil has broken lines, you don’t have to be too accurate when using it.

(I am always amazed that when I taken pictures of “white paste on white canvas” it looks debossed). I attached the stencil with a little spray and stick and was liberal with the paste. The stencil stayed put and I love the level of definition you get.

The paste takes about an hour to dry completely but if you were using sprays you could probably start to colour within 15 minutes. I am, however, leaving this to dry overnight.

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Here’s One I’m Making – More Canvases to Give Away

I spent some time this weekend playing with my pebeo inks pigments again, I learnt a couple of lessons from my last outing and they were:

  1. I add too much ink with pipettes for the size I want to fill, a cocktail stick is a much better option for adding the pigments one drop at a time.
  2. I can hide mistakes and when I go over the lines with a sharpie pen!

I also played with the glitter medium for the first time, both by mixing it into the colour whilst its wets and as drops on the surface. I also can see that the orange (box in the centre with the spot) is very similar to crimson directly below it.

I also decided to play with different ways of adding gilding flakes, I painted one section  on the second canvas I made and covered it in flakes. It was a bit messy but a lot of fun!

I also used the lightning and glitter mediums on their own right to add a transparent look.

Much happier with these two than my first effort – I now need more mini canvases so that I can keep practising!

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{Powertex} – Having Fun with Prima and Pencil Pots

I realised today, I hadn’t shared a project from a couple of weeks ago. A friend from work came round to play with Powertex and I used the opportunity to answer a question I have long wanted to answer – Could I powertex Prima Flowers easily?

I love these pencil pots, I got them from MDF Man at a Craft Show last year for a couple of pounds each. They are a perfect size for playing and experimenting with.

The main point of this experiment was could I use Prima Flowers with powertex. I have a lot of flowers which I don’t use on Scrapbook pages anymore and its a shame to see them gathering dust. Well the answer is – yes if you are gentle.

I used a single piece of cotton t-shirt material and wrapped it around the whole of the pencil pot. I was about 1 and half times as high and the same length as about 5 sides. The Fairy Door is from Powertex UK and the flowers are from Prima.

I used a mixture of brown, green and warn gold pigments, I love the details on the fairy doors and I do use a lot of them in projects.

The flowers add just the right effect I was looking for with this project and the large Prima flowers were just the right size.

I played with the flowers and put some of them the right way up and some of them the wrong way up, I prefer the right way up so will do that again!

The one at the top is not a Frankenstein Flower, it is actually two back to back, with the second one on the rim. I added hot-fix crystals once the project had dried. I think they are a little small so will try again next time with bigger crystals.

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