Here’s One I’m Made – If you go into the woods today

Much of the early discussion around the Disney Dies from Create and Craft and Tattered Lace washed over me because of a couple of reasons:

  1. Disney Licences don’t come cheap and therefore the dies were always going to reflect the cost of the licence in the first place, so I didn’t get the moaning around the price.
  2. Disney protect their brand rigorously (see point number one) and there was always going to be implications when selling finished items, which make them even less affordable for some. And even though Create and Craft initially said you could, they retracted it very quickly in the face of the questions from those who know Disney’s business practices
  3. I didn’t have a need for vintage Mickey or Frozen dies so was not interested in the first place and knew where I stood on point 1 and 2.

0213-harrison_christening-01However I do think it was handled, at best naively, maybe clumsily, at worse maybe a little dishonestly (even if you haven’t got the answers to the questions being asked – admit it don’t fudge the issue).

So why am I discussing it now? I had to decide what I felt about what had happened once they announced the Winnie the Pooh dies because there were dies I would use and they were more affordable. I decided in the end that as I could afford them and I would use them, they would be a great purchase for me.


My first real chance to use the dies were to celebrate a friend’s little boy’s christening. As part of the kit, I got a couple of the books of pre-printed characters and backgrounds. I decided to use a couple of the sheets of back to for decoupage.

0213-harrison_christening-03The background and the pre-printed images are spot on and very well done. There are enough images to cut around and build the image. The pre-printed images match the dies perfectly.

0213-harrison_christening-06In addition to the pre-printed shapes, I added a string of washi-tape bunting, some diecut balloons also from the Winnie the Pooh set and some presents from Tim Holtz Crazy Things.

0213-harrison_christening-04to add a little more depth to the images, I took a white pen and added highlights to the Winnie and his friends.

0213-harrison_christening-05I am not usually a fan of ready-made kits but I do like the effect of all the pieces coming together in this card and it still gives you enough room to create.

Stash Used

  • UkCraft – Card Blanks
  • Tattered Lace – Winnie the Pooh Background and Pre-printed Colourful Creatures
  • Tattered Lace – Winnie the Pooh Dies
  • Crafters Companions – Neenah Desert Storm Kraft Cardstock
  • Core’dinations – Coloured Cardstock
  • Tim Holtz for Stampers Anonymous – Crazy Things Stamps
  • Tim Holtz for Sizzix – Crazy Things Dies
  • Crafters Companions – Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers
  • W R Memory Keepers – Washi Tape

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Here’s One I am Making – Zombie Goes Disco Dancing

As Penny Black and More allow you to enter up to three cards in each challenge and as I am using my favourite stamp again, I thought I would enter this card too, as well as in Simon Says Stamp “Anything Goes” challenge this week.

0213-martin_leaving_card-03I started by stamping the image, letting it dry and then covering it with masking fluid. I wanted to use one of Sheena Douglass’s 60’s stencils which is delicate, I wanted to try a new technique to secure the stencil in place. I used something I picked up in the States, its called press and seal, its like a slightly adhesive cling film.

0213-martin_leaving_card-04It works, the stencils are secured in place and I could move the cardstock around underneath it until I liked the position! I think I would use it for projects where I just wanted to use a stencil quickly for a small area but for background development I will carry on using spray glue.

0213-martin_leaving_card-05As I had slipped slight with the design when I stamped it and as I wanted to make this zombie to really “pop” I edged the image with light grey.

0213-martin_leaving_card-06I like the effect because it looks like a psychedelic shadow, it makes the image look like it is shimmering a little bit.

0213-wobble_valentine-04Here are the two images with out the finishing bits. It’s amazing how it looks different with just a change of background and hair colour.

0213-martin_leaving_card-01I matted the card on rainbow MirriCard and then onto white cardstock.

Stash Used

  • UK Craft – Blank Cardstock
  • Crafters Companion – Neenah Cardstock
  • Hunkydory – Rainbow MirriCard
  • Visible Image – Zombie Stamp
  • Sheena Douglass – 60’s Stencils
  • Tim Holtz – Crazy Word Stamps
  • Ranger – Distress Inks
  • Spectrum Noir – Alcohol Ink Pens

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{Powertex} – Atishoo Atishoo (Part One)

I have a couple of Powertex projects on the go and one of these is a tissue box for work. As it is the middle of the cold season, most of the desks around me have boxes of tissues on them and I decided I needed to cover mine. The MDF Man does some very nice pre-made boxes and I have had one sitting upstairs for a while…

pt_tb_01_04I haven’t got a clue what I am going to do with the box, but I know that I want to do use some of the Powertex Colortricx Terraviolet pigments on the finished item.

This is one of two “Terra” pigments (Green and Violet) which when added to a project gives an iridescent shimmer. I have had a tub of it for while but not had the time to play with it and this project seemed the perfect place to start as its such a smooth surface.

pt_tb_01_03As I hadn’t use the pigment before, I had a chat with the Powertex UK Team and asked for advice on what colour powertex to use as a base. They suggested one of the darker colours so I opted for their darkest shade of black.

pt_tb_01_01It took me a while to paint the item as I wanted to “catch the drops” as I want to keep some of the sides a plain glossy black so that the pigment/textured areas will stand out… (still have no real idea of how I am going to decorate pigmented area).

pt_tb_01_02Once the outside was dried, I covered the inside too, again slowly to catch the drips, As you can see from this picture I did need to file down the base where some of the powertex has dribbled…

pt_tb_01_05Once I have decided what to do with it, I will share it!

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Here’s One I’m Making – Zombie Loves You

So it’s Saturday night, The Walking Dead is back on TV after its mid season break and as it was Valentines this week so I thought I would pull out my favourite Visible Image zombie stamp and share Mr BMB’s valentine’s card for this year.

I am trying to get back into craft challenge blogs as a way of keeping up my crafting and this week I am drawing inspiration from:

As one of the challenges was not to use pattern paper, I started off by stamping my main image, letting it dry and then covering the image with masking fluid. I first saw Sheena Douglass use this on hochanda and I have been in love with it since then.

0213-wobble_valentine-01It take about 5 minutes to dry, after which I covered the image with a stencil and dabbed through ink. I wanted an Urban feel, so went for a brick wall. The beauty of masking fluid is that you can stencil right up to the image.

0213-wobble_valentine-02Or in my case – stencil all over it before rubbing off the fluid. It sets to a rubber like texture and peels off just like PVA glue on the back of your hand… but without the hairs!

0213-wobble_valentine-03I coloured the image in with Spectrum Noir markers, giving the zombie grey hair (to match Mr BMB). I stamped the sentiment from the same set of stamps and added some hearts.

0213-wobble_valentine-06Stash Used

  • UK Craft – Cardstock
  • Crafters Companion – Neenah Cardstock
  • Hunkydory – MirriCard
  • Bazzill Basics – Pink and Red Cardstock
  • Visible Image – Zombie Stamp Set
  • Crafters Companion – Heart Dies
  • Spectrum Noir – Alcohol Markers

Thanks for Reading


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{Powertex} – When Powertex Met Inkylicious – Lets Get Rusty

So thanks for a bump to the head, I have been on enforced rest for a week and have had no excuse but to get on with some of my outstanding craft projects. At the beginning of last week I had 14 outstanding projects (only one of them had been started) and now I had 9 left of which all but three have been started. Most of these were cards and are “Time sensitive” so I had to crack on at some point… But…

But before I got on with the cards, I decided to try to keep one of my crafting resolutions which has just to play. A couple of weeks ago on Hochanda, Inkylicious were on with a fantastic (and very reasonably priced) Stamp Book…. I have been looking for a project to improve how I store my stamps and my first though was that would look great with Powertex.

0213-pt_stamp_book_03A couple of days later, Powertex were on Hochanda themselves and they had a fantastic value Rusty Powder kit, which I have been really keen to use… fate me thinks!

0213-pt_stamp_book_05Because I wanted to use the rusty powder, I went for an “Urban Decay” or Steam Punk feel by adding lots of MDF cogs (fixed with Cosmic Shimmer glue and left to dry overnight.

There is a very informative pdf on the Powertex UK website on how to make the most out of Rusty powder, but make sure you have to hand:

  1. A light coloured Powertex (I used Ivory)
  2. Powertex Sand
  3. A small spritz bottle with 50:50 Water and distilled vinegar
  4. Lots and lots of patience, it take up to 48hrs to develop!

0213-pt_stamp_book_07Following the instructions that I received with the rusty powder, after my first coat of Powertex, I added some vinegar some a second coat and sprinkled on some rusty powder and sand. After this your generously spray on your water:vinegar mix and then (this is really really important) WALK AWAY FOR AT LEAST 24 hrs.

I followed a tip from Tracey from the PowertexUK Team and stabbed a couple of holes in my Rusty Powder container so I can sprinkle the powder and sand onto the powertex.

0213-pt_stamp_book_08As I couldn’t wait, as it began to develop, I crept back and added some brown bister just to tone down the difference between the rust and the white.

0213-pt_stamp_book_01After a couple of days, I was amazed at the effect, it looks so realistic, Its had to capture the details but wow – you have to try this product.

0213-pt_stamp_book_02I love the combination of the cracks from the bister and the rusty powder, it was just the effect I wanted to achieve.

To further tone down the remaining white, I used the Moss Green pigment from Powertex to add a hint of “patina” to the edges.

0213-pt_stamp_book_10The only other thing I am thinking about adding to this is a hint of copper pigment to give some of the cogs and the letters a hint of a shine.

I am going to use some other mixed media techniques on the other sides of the book which I will share as I finish them.

0213-pt_stamp_book_09Thanks for Reading


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Here’s One I Made – Crochet Hats are Watching You

I have already shared this week that I one of my highlights of 2016 was finally learning to crochet. My mum and my nan  and my aunt all had a hand in teaching me to knit almost before I could walk and I opted for Cross Stitch because it was one of the few needlework based crafts that my mum didn’t do (tapestry, embroidery, clothes making…) but the one thing no-one in our family did was crochet.

I have said regularly that I wanted to learn but never took the step until seriously having a go this year. One of the things I love is how adaptable it is. I made a couples of hats more or less based on my own pattern as the second (and third items I made).

hats1216_04This was  a good exercise for me as I not only had to “crochet in the round” but to learn to crochet in lines and crochet into half a stitch to give me a rib effect. It may only be basic stuff but its one stitch at a time 🙂

hats1216_03The wool I have used is acrylic but very soft and it was very easy to crochet. I used an aran weighted wool and a size 8mm hook.

hats1216_02I also made a slightly smaller version in double crochet and a size 5mm hook for my niece. This is a reflector wool and shines in the dark. This was also a good exercise as it was a very different wool and didn’t have as much “give” as the softer wool.

hats1216_01The ears of not stuffed and are floppy but I have stuffed the eyes to make them stand out from the hat (it also makes it easier to judge if the hat is on straight when I can’t see the eyes!)

I think I may be making more of these!

Thanks for Reading


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Here’s One I Made – Stencils in Different Colours

I love using masks and stencils, as you can see from this year’s Christmas Cake. When Leonie Pujol introduced her Word Stencils and Tapestry Stamps as part of her first collection with Crafters Companion, I was immediately full of ideas of how I could use them.

saj_bd_05Tapestry Stamping is something that you don’t see very often in the UK, Card-IO do an amazing selection under the Majestix Range. The idea is that you use small shapes and images to build up a picture as a whole (often using colour and 2nd or 3rd Generation Stamping to add depth). Leonie has designed her stamps to define the shape of the words of her masks or stencils. Her designs whilst tiny, have a lot of detail on them with many measuring less than a centermetre.

saj_bd_03However, I am getting ahead of myself as I first coloured around the design with chalk inks. For the first design I used pink and green with brown stamps. One tip with the stamps, I usually stamp onto a stamping pad to cushion and even out the pressure, but because  you are stamping over a mask or through a stencil, its easier to stamp onto a hard surface.

saj_bd_04To add additional flair to the design I coloured the flowers and the butterflies with Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens. You get great depth with these pens as well as the hint of glitter. I kept the design to three colours to keep it simple.

saj_bd_07I finally mounted the card on a complimentary mirri-card and then onto A5 cardbase.

saj_bd_06I then used the same design in a different mono-chrome colour scheme. It was to celebrate the birth of a friend’s boy. I also went for stamps which were more geometric than the floral/butterfly/dragonfly effect of the other.

saj_bd_08I used spectrum noir sparkle pens but I also added some Tonic Nuvo Crystal Drops to add a bit of depth and texture to the design. Before matting it as before and mounting it on A5 cardstock

saj_bd_09Stash Used

  • UK Craft – A5 Card Blanks
  • Leonie Pujol by Crafters Companion – “Family” Mask (large size)
  • Leonie Pujol by Crafters Companion – Clear Stamps
  • Hunkydory – 50 Shades of MirriCard
  • VersaMagic – Chalk Inks
  • Ranger – Archival Ink
  • Crafters Companion – Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens
  • Tonic – Nuvo Crystal Drops
  • Crafters Companion – Stick and Spray Adhesive

Thanks for Reading


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