I discovered Powertex, a Fabric Hardner, at the NEC in November 2014 and REALLY discovered it Make-It in Farnborough 2015, two workshops and I am completely hooked…

PT_final_01This flexible material will turn any natural material into an easy to use and easy to shape modeling material which will stick to everything but plastic. That includes glass, just see what you can do with an empty bottle!

HOIM_0301It comes in a range of colours, from black and bronze to bright red and blue to Ivory and transparent and you can mix them to get just the shade you need. Starter kits are priced from £25 each and have everything in you need to play with.

This page is so that I can share my projects and hints and tips I pick up as I go along! If you want any further inspiration, please see my Powertex Pinterest Board.

Thanks for joining me on this journey


One Response to Powertex

  1. Josie says:

    I’ve also just ‘discovered’ Powertex and have used it for some shabby chic tin cans. Thanks so much for giving me more inspiration!


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