How To – 5 Min Bottle Cuff

This is a simplified version of a Bottle Cuff which you can model in 5 minutes.

PT_SBC_02_01How to Make a 5 Minute Cuff

  1. Cover a bottle of your choice in cling film.
  2. Cut a length of t-shirt material about 5cm / 2 inches wide and about twice the length of the neck of the bottle to the bottom of the label. (This doesn’t have to be exact or overly neat). You can also cut a “V” or slant into the ends of the material.
  3. Dip and cover in a powertex of your choice. The examples are made in Bronze.
  4. Drape the material around the neck of the bottle so that the right hand side is one to two inches lower than the left. (this will ensure that ends are level when you finish)
  5. You do all the modeling with the side of material which is currently on the right hand side.
  6. Pass the right hand side UNDER the left (to give the finished piece more stability) and fold it back over the top to make a small fold in the material the same height as the finished rose. This becomes the centre of the rose
  7. Wrap the same length of material Anti-Clockwise around the centre of the rose once or twice more, depending on how wide you want the rose.
  8. Roll a piece of clingfilm into string and use it to tie the bottom of the rose gently in to place (see picture above) , this helps give the base of the rose definition.
  9. Even out the folds in the tails of the cuff.
  10. Remove the clingfilm string after about 1 hr
  11. Leave to try for 48hrs and then colour.



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