Project Life

I like to take Project Life on the Road and use pocket albums for our holiday and vacations… For details of my specific holidays – you can click on them here:

If you want to see how I started to move from Traditional Scrapbooking to Project Life… Read On…


In November 2013, I landed my dream job, but unfortunately I no longer have time to Bake and Make in Bristol, as I spend most of my time commuting to, and working in London.

It has taken 12 months to get into a routine but I now feel ready to start creating again, more than that I need to create. But… and there is always a but …

But I don’t have that much time and I have over 5700 photos from a recent holiday in the States which I want to scrap. So I decided to move from traditional layouts to Project Life, effectively moving from one or two pictures a page to a lot more!

So what is Project Life? Project Life is the trade name for the Becky Higgin’s brand of pocket scrapping which she bills as being so simple you don’t need scissors or glue. It is designed to be guilt free scrapping which can be done however busy you are. However as with many things in the crafting world… some people are turning it into an art form. I just see it as an ideal way to get some pages complete in a simple way.

Here is one of my favourite pages:


Thanks for Reading



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