Here’s One I Made – May The Force Be With You

I don’t have many reasons to make cards for small people,  so I like to have a bit of fun when I get to play.

The smallest member of a Star Wars mad household is just about to turn 2 and that gives me the chance to use Craftin Desert Divas very cute “Troll Wars”. The are coloured with Alcohol Pens and the have Tonic Nuvo Matt drops for noses.

To give them the right stage,  I built a background up using Tonic Shimmer Powders and Mica Mists, with the aim of building up layers to resemble the galaxy. I laid down several layers of paint on water colour cardstock to achieve the depth I was looking for.

I cut out part of a circle from background and filled the space with Hunkdory Cloud patterned MirraCard in Grey and Silver, it really does look like the moon.

I added a couple of sequins to add depth, texture and details for stars.

To add final depth, I shaped the figures with a ball and reinforced the back of the light sabre.

Stash Used

  • UKCraft – Card Blank
  • Crafters Companion – Watercolour Cardstock, Spectrum Noir Illustrators
  • Hunkydory – Cloud MirraCard, Blue Adorable Scorable
  • Tonic Studios – Mica Mist, Shimmer Powders, Nuvo Drops, Sequins and Ink Pads
  • Craftin Desert Diva – Troll Wars Stamps
  • American Crafts – Thickers

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Powertex – Upcycling Storage pt5

One of the best moments when making something out Powertex is when you start to dry brush on the pigments. I started with a coat of rose gold to add depth.

I love rose gold as it works well with most of the rich colours of Powertex. It also works well with green as it looks like copper. But it’s quite dark so I added light gold to raise the colour.

The final box is a little under 9 x 12 inches which makes it perfect for ikea storage.

I would make another box like this, I am tempted to make a Christmas Box.

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Powertex – Upcycling Storage Pt4

Having decided on  vine or rambling rose embellishment theme for the box. I wanted to “ground” them so they didn’t look like they were coming out of nowhere.

I did this by building a border of Word Pebbles moulded from Stone Art and Katy Sue Design moulds, and small and medium Powertex 3D balls.

I coloured them with grey and silver pigments and painted the words in black acrylic paint.

The vines themselves are made from T-shirt yarn and the leaves are cut from T-shirt fabric which I find easiest to shape when using small pieces.

The flowers I made last week were fixed with powertex.Just a quick note about green Powertex. It goes a lot darker as it dries to a very rich natural green.

I am going to add either gold or copper powertex pigment to bring the whole box together.

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Powertex – Upcycling Storage pt 3

I have said a couple of times recently that I love using Stone Art with Powertex. When you mix equal parts of any colour Powertex with Stone Art you can make an easy to use air drying clay.

It takes some kneading to mix it at first. But after a couple of minutes you get a nice even colour which can be shaped into moulds.

The flowers I am making today are from a mixture of Powertex and Katy Sue silicon moulds. I have decided to go with a climbing vine effect for my box so I need a lot of flowers.

To use the moulds, you push the clay into the mould (smoothing the edges as you go) and let it set for a minute or two begore you pop them out of the moulds.

They take a couple of days to dry completely and you can fix them to ypu project whilst a little soft if you want to shape them. But I want to paint details on first so I want them hard, which is why I made a whole batch in one go. I keep a bag of spare stone art shapes to use on other projects so none go to waste.

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Powertex – Butterfly Venetian Mask

As I have said recently, the Powertex kits are very generous and I have got three masks from two of the Venetian Mask kits.I had two aims for this mask, one was to use some of the embellishments to form features, secondly was butterflies. I have a mask pinned on Pinterest which is covered with Monarch Butterflies.

This mask has lots of good powertex stuff, I used stone art for the butterflies, rice paper, easy structure to give the base mask some texture.

Stash Used

  • Powertex – Mask Kit
  • Powertex – Black Powertex
  • Powertex – Easy Structure
  • Powertex – Map Rice Paper
  • Powertex – Pearl and Metallic Pigments
  • Powertex – Pansy Mould
  • Katy Sue Design – Butterfly Trio Mould
  • Craft Stencil – Feather A4 Stencil

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Powertex – Upcycling Storage pt2

One advantage of creating in this weather is that it dries quickly. The next step was cut the handles, I wanted to double up on the strength so I used the off-cuts from the longer sides as templates.
The double depths means the box can be picked up and I could cover the crease in the flaps. I used Powertex as a glue before covering the sides with kitchen roll. I then painted the inside with red powertex.
The other material I use a lot of to cover large areas is muslin, it’s cheap and easy to shape. It is also great for shaping on figures. But in this case, great for lining the box.

I just have to decide how to decorate it.

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Powertex – Upcycling Storage pt1

One of the great things about the Powertex UK kits are the are so generous. One of the downside of the Powertex UK kits is storing the left overs. I made 3 Venetian Masks from 2 kits and still have lots of embellishments left over.

I have been searching for the perfect sized box to keep my powertex kits in as I have been using the box some of them came in. I decided to upcycle that

I started off by cutting off the long flaps which I will use to strengthen the handles when I cut them into the side flaps.

I also re-inforced the seams of the box and covered the tape in masking tape.

Kitchen roll is a very quick way of giving a large area but it is very thirsty when it comes to powertex. This has two layers and used about half a 250ml bottle of black.

Just need it to dry now so I can finish it.

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