Here’s One I Made – Owl be happy with that

I have always enjoyed playing with craft kits, so when I heard that Tonic Studios were bringing out a new monthly kit with limited edition stamps and dies, it seemed rude not to have a play with it.

At the heart of this project was also the next in May Flaum’s Paste and Gels class over at Big Picture Classes, where she was encouraging us to stamp into paste and then colour in with different mediums.

I like this effect, it adds texture to the stamps and I coloured it with watercolour and sparkles pens and the depth of paste ensures the colour doesn’t run between the sections.

I wanted to play with layers and use the mousse and the dies from the Tonic Kit. The top layer uses the die, the second layer uses a Tim Holtz die and the third layer has a big moon made from Tonic Gold Mousse.

It took me a while to get my head around the tonic mousse, having been given a couple of pots of it. But as I have got use to it, it’s so versatile, I use it as a paste, gilding wax and paint  for spritzing.

The card takes about 5 minutes to construct. I always make the middle layer about half an inch smaller than the sides so that it fits in the folded sides more easily than it would othewise.

Stash Used

  • Bazzill Basics – Weave Effect Cardstock
  • Craft Perfect – Satin Effect Gold Cardstock
  • Tonic Studio – Limited Edition Card Kit One Die
  • Tonic Studio – Nuvo Mousse in Indian Gold
  • Tonic Studio – Nuvo Drops (Three Colours)
  • Tim Holtz for Sizzix – Torn Tree Die
  • Imagination Crafts – Circle Stencil
  • Free Owl Stamp from UK Magazine
  • Crafters Companion – Spectrum Noir Aqua and Sparkle pens
  • Crafters Companion – Score Board
  • Pebeo – Embossing Paste

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Here’s One I’m Making – Don’t Ask Permission

Just in case you thought that I had fallen off the face of the earth, I haven’t but I have been without a camera for a couple of months after my last one decided to capture any colour as long as its black.

However I have now worked out a way to move photos around so I can resize and shape them and use the from my phone without using all my data allowance.

Anyway one of the reasons for being so keen to find a solution to my photos is to share some of my latest projects from Big Picture Classes, as the wonderful May Flaum is back. She is one of my all time favourite crafters and even makes my inspiration side bar!

This time she is teaching paste and gel basics, the first class has Ranger Transparency Gel and spray colour. You get a great dimensional effect which adds depth without blocking out what is behind it.

If you are new to mixed media and want a class with a teacher who is easy to follow and has brilliant ideas, I can highly recommend May.

Stash Used

  • UK Craft – White Card Blank
  • Oyster Crafts – White Cardstock
  • Ranger – Stamping Cardstock
  • Ranger – Spray Ink
  • Ranger – Transparency Gel Glossy
  • Ranger – Black Archival Ink
  • Creative Expressions – Pixie Powders
  • Bee Crafty – Banksy Inspired Stamp
  • Tonic – Nuvo Drops

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{Powertex} – Shining a Little Light (Pt 5)

Having cracked on with the figurine itself, I only realised after I had finished that I hadn’t done what I had planned with the base and that was to add texture with some Powertex Stone Art Powder.

I love this stuff, it really takes the Powertex Medium up to the next level, if you mix it 50-50 with Powertex Medium you can get an air-dry paper clay or you can rub it into a wet powertex surface to give it texture!

After about 20 minutes a painted an addition coat of powertex on top of the powertex. It dries very quickly and the powertex holds the stone art into place. The figurine did not a little ungraceful hanging upside down whilst she dried!

Once dried, I can paint or add pigment just as I would for any powertex products. I really like the rough, stone-like effect you end up with when you are using it.

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{Powertex} – Shining a Little Light (Pt 4)

Having add the detail to work to my figurine, I came to the part of the work I had never attempted before and that was powertexing a single large piece of material. I tend to work in small pieces as I find it easier to control, I couldn’t do that with my figurine’s skirt and I had to work on a single large piece.

I have used polycotton as I tried a couple of different materials and this one “drapped” the best. I used a rhomboid shape of material to give me the extra material to work with and I can’t wait to play with different materials to see how they flow.

I also added the cowl, this was the perfect way to covered the arms and back. I didn’t plan for a rose on the bum but that is the ends of material which ruined the “line” if I poked them in.

The cowl also had the added advantage of giving the figurine sleeves. I want to find other ways of covering arms and tops but I think I will do this again.

The third advantage of the cowl was it gave the back some shape around the plaster cast hair which I found it a challenge to model around.

She is now drying whilst I prepare to add some final touches before adding the pigments.

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Here’s One I’m Making – Look at the Flowers (Pt 4)

When I first started to play with Powertex, I went to a class with the wonderful Tracey Evans at Make-It in Farnborough. I went to the first class of the day and it wasn’t full so we had a lot of opportunity to ask questions and a lot of them where about what materials we could use. To every question the answer was “Yes – just give it a go” and this has been my mantra ever since for Powertex.

One of the materials I use regularly is denim, I find it keeps it shape extremely well when I am modelling specific shapes and you can have a greater degree of control on the fraying around the edges. This is why I used it for the canvas as I wanted my flowers to look like flowers!

I use my Sizzix Bigshot a lot with Powertex as I find it easier to cut shapes out, especially in thicker materials. This is one of the current “Build a Bloom” Bigz Dies and work perfectly with denim.

I am also using a lot more cotton applique shapes to compliment die cut shapes, you can pick up the shapes cheaply on amazon (these little flowers were less than a £1 for 100 flowers).

I haven’t got too much more to add to this, I want to add some birds or butterflies and some words, but I want to find the right quote.

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{Powertex} – Shining a Little Light (Pt 3)

The other day, I talked about the when I use t-shirt material and when I like to use denim. One other fabric I like to use a lot for detailed work and 3D shapes is Muslin (which you can pick up cheaply from places like amazon as they are popular with new mums!)

Because they are so pourous, they can drink a lot of powertex so instead of dropping the material in, I tend to “paint” it onto small strips of muslin.

I started by covering the hands and fore-arms and then started to work on the torso. I am going to use pure satin cotton for the skirt (you can see the printed old scarf in the background to this picture). This type of cotton “drapes” very well.

I am covering the upper arms and shoulders in a shawl so I didn’t need to cover those, however I did have to hang her upside down to make sure I had all the area of underarms covered!

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{Powertex} – Shining a Little Light (Pt 2)

Regular readers of this blog with know that I love Pinterest and a while ago I started a board to pin all my hints and tips on Modelling Techniques for Powertex. Having reached the stage where I had to build the body of my figurine. From this board, I knew the three key ingredients were (1) Kitchen Foil, (2) Masking Tape and (3) the inner tube from kitchen roll!

Apart from that, it was guess-work, I started by building up the arms and then worked on the upper torso. it was simply a case of add a piece of rolled silver foil, look at the overall measurements and then add a bit more. When I thought I had the right balance, I secured it with masking tape.

The cardboard tube forms the base of the flaring of the skirt underneath her hip and bum. I then sealed the base of the model with a small layer of foil painted with Powertex to ensure that it would remain water-proof and well sealed.

I changed the arms a little from this picture, as I wanted to have the arms in an open position as she will be carrying a Tealight Holder when finished.

By giving her something to hold, I can “hide” the hands and gloss over the lack of details in the fingers.

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